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Blue Samsung Galaxy S5 arrives at Best Buy Aug. 17 for a discount

Black and white too boring for your blood? Best Buy will soon sell the S5 in an "electric" azure shade for AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon -- for $100 less on contract, too.

It's electric! Best Buy

Feeling blue about the Samsung Galaxy S5's limited black and white color scheme? No longer.

Like clockwork, Best Buy has once again swooped in with a version of a marquee phone in the retailer's favorite corporate color: blue.

Starting August 17, you can snap up the Electric Blue Galaxy S5 for AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon. Buy it before August 23 and you'e also eligible for a promotional deal that shaves off half the on-contract price, leaving you with a $100 flagship phone.

Alternatively, if contracts make you convulse with rage, Best Buy will also honor carriers' monthly billing programs, like AT&T Next, Sprint Easy Pay, and Verizon Edge. You'll be able to get it for $0 down and a $100 Best Buy gift card as your kick-back.