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'Blue Planet II' coming to BBC iPlayer in 4K and HDR

Get ready to admire the stunning nature documentary in more detail than ever.


A simulated image shows off the advantages of HDR (right).


The BBC's "Blue Planet II" nature documentary is a feast for the eyes, and it'll soon look even better.

The series will be available in 4K and HDR on the BBC's iPlayer, according to a report on BBC news. So anyone with a compatible TV will be able to experience the spectacular underwater sights in crisper detail and more vibrant colours than ever. The series was only previously available in this format on Blu-Ray discs.

While previous snippets of the "Planet Earth" nature documentary were available in 4K, the BBC says it's avoided putting out a whole series in the format until now. That's because it's been working with Japanese broadcaster NHK to create a new format called hybrid-log gamma (HLG), which is designed to be used in live broadcasts of sport and other events.

Since the BBC announced in November that it will stream an extra 1,000 hours of sport per year, it seems likely that this sports-friendly format HLG will soon come in handy.

A BBC spokesperson said the corporation isn't confirming details of future plans, but it'll be looking to trial other programmes of "Blue Planet's" level of quality in future.

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