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Blu Tango review: An Android misstep

While it's always nice seeing fresh-faced Android-makers, Blu made some sloppy moves with its Tango.

Blu Tango - black (unlocked)
Josh Miller/CNET

We were pretty excited to take a look at the Blu Tango, an Android 2.2 Froyo smartphone from a manufacturer that's new to us, and in fact, fairly new to handset-crafting at all.

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Unfortunately, Blu's Tango, billed as a starter smartphone, is unable to recover from some pretty serious blunders. It isn't just more cheaply made than other entry-level handsets, it's downright unpleasant to use.

Consider the resistive touch-screen display that's only 2.8 inches, and you'll start to see what we mean. Heap poor call quality and a $170 unlocked price tag on top of that, and you may agree it's earned a place on our list of phones to steer clear of.

To see exactly why, check out photos, video, and in-depth details in our hands-on review.