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Blu-ray releases for the week of August 19

Oliver Stone's 'Nixon,' the first season of 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,' and Hannah Montana in concert are just some of the Blu-ray releases this week.

Nixon Blu-ray
High-Def Digest

This week we have another Oliver Stone film, Nixon, starring Anthony Hopkins as our former president. The first season of the highly acclaimed TV series, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, is available on Blu-ray but unfortunately without the Governator making an appearance. And for the young girls, rabid fans as they may be, Walt Disney has rushed out a Blu-ray compilation, filled with their favorite Hannah Montana moments from her world concert tour. But this time you won't have to throw down three grand on eBay for tickets. The disc includes a behind-the-scenes documentary and a 3D viewing mode. "Four pairs of 3D glasses are provided," according to Hi-Def Digest, "[but] they are the typical cheesy paper/plastic kind that kind of hurts the tops of your ears after about 20 minutes" of using them.

(Source: High-Def Digest)