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Blu-ray producers question value of bonus features

A selection of of Blu-ray producers speaking at a panel at Comic-Con 2008 voices their doubts about Blu-ray's initial BD-Live interactive features.

Disney's upcoming Sleep Beauty Blu-ray will have an interactive video messaging feature. Walt Disney Company

I recently wrote a column titled, "Is BD-Live Blu-ray's secret weapon--or a bust?" Most readers seemed to think all whiz-bang interactivity features were more busts than secret weapons. And now it appears that a selection of Blu-ray producers speaking at a panel at Comic-Con 2008 feel the same way.

Video Business reports that the panel drew dozens of consumers and that the Q&A discussion, moderated by The Digital Bits' Bill Hunt, was frank and lively.

A few choice quotes:

Producer Robert Meyer Burnett (Shoot 'Em Up) said: "It would be interesting if they wanted to do a Star Trek encyclopedia or a primer on the whole history of Warner Bros. I'm not sure if people really want games and trivia."

Hunt made the fairly obvious point that there were better alternatives to current Blu-ray extras elsewhere. "If you want a game, you can get a better game, and if you want a social experience, you can get a better social experience," he said.

The article also said that Blade Runner DVD producer Charles de Lauzirika was skeptical that bonus features would ever "prove a big selling point for Blu-ray," and he believed that the format's best advantages over DVD really are superior video and sound.

However, the panelists weren't completely down on Blu-ray bonus features. They did voice some optimism that "improvements will come as filmmakers themselves start using their creative expertise to advise studios on Blu-ray interactivity."

What do you guys think? Should they just make Blu-ray Discs cheaper and forget about expensive-to-produce extras?

Read the full Video Business article here.