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Blow a Valentine's kiss with your iPhone

Blow a kiss to your loved one, literally, via an iPhone app.

Walmart, Dong Ngo/CNET Networks

If you're a guy in the mood for Valentine's Day who doesn't know what to do, well, I don't have any dating or relationship advice.

I do have something you might want to try, however. It lets you literally blow kisses to that very special person, or persons, regardless of the distance. All you need is an iPhone (or iPod Touch) and, of course, the ability to blow a kiss properly.

The application is aptly called "Blow a Kiss" and can be downloaded for free at Apple's App Store. I tried it on my iPhone 3G and it worked wonders: once launched, you are required to type in your name, plus the recipient's name and e-mail address and a short message. Then you just blow into the phone's screen (I tried some audible smooching and that worked, too).

The app then detects the kissing sound and automatically sends an e-mail to the recipient. The e-mail is adorned with hearts and displays the message in an eye-dazzling pink theme. I believe most ladies would like this very, very much.

Also, the e-mail is sent from the domain, which is not exactly romantic but means you can blow kisses anonymously .

I am not into pink, neither are most of the ladies I know. However, I think it's really cool how the application works. And by works, I mean strictly in technical terms. The app doesn't guarantee you'll get a kiss back, via e-mail or not.

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