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Blogs and such for small business

Blogs and such for small business

As I sink my teeth further into what others are saying about small business, I'm coming across a number of resources. I figured I'd share a list so that you can decide for yourself what's best. I'll keep weighing in on what I think over time.

Smallbiztechnology: This blog is one of the few outside CNET that focuses on technology for small business. This CNET-affiliated site has a lot of tech news that's relevant to small business.

Small Business Trends has this "Power Review" of blogs about small business, but it's being discontinued as of Sunday, September 25. The list is uneven but worth clicking around. (Though it's being "retired," the author tells me she'll keep the pages live for as long as they get traffic.)'s small-business blog. They have a small-business tech area, too. There is a content-sharing relationship between them and CNET. They also have this SmallBizSearch, which seems decent at finding products and services.

AllBusiness Business Blogs: A blog of blogs, mostly about marketing and advertising.

There are more, but that's a enough for you to click around for now, I think. Especially if you're a busy small-business owner.