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Blogs and media-ocrity

In response to the Perspectives column written by Charles Cooper, "Cybertourists in Boston":

Blogging impressed me, too. Not so much as a revolutionary medium, but as a "www.townmeeting.thing." The mediocrity issue is valid. I often see what "professional" writers put up as hurried, opinionated and only marginally accurate. Some of the blogging I have seen is rushed, completely incompetent and completely inaccurate. I don't mind other people's opinions--I just despise having to deduce them.

I wouldn't give up on it, though. Media moguls will try to co-opt the entire Web logging spectrum. That will be impossible. It isn't that the talent or the will is absent; it's just too huge an arena. Eventually, the money will evaporate, and the big boys will move where they can make a profit.

Richard Rawlings
Olympia, Wash.