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Blogging, vlogging and the new mainstream

A pair of conferences illuminate blogosphere's ever-higher profile. Also: Legendary blogger jumps ship.

A pair of conferences--one political, one homespun--illuminate the blogosphere's ever-higher profile. Also: A legendary blogger jumps ship.

video Crafting a replica from Diet Coke bottles and Mentos.
June 12, 2006
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Video: Meet Rocketboom's Amanda Congdon
Anchor of video blog found through Craigslist

video Michael Masnick, CEO of Techdirt, discusses how his event produces dialogue between Silicon Valley start-ups. Also, check out one of the demos from Jumpcut, an online video-remix and production suite.
June 12, 2006

In blog era, big money can't buy an exclusive

It is no longer business as usual for celebrity magazines, as gossip blogs take on an ever-larger role.
The New York Times
June 12, 2006

blogma Blogosphere goes nuts upon learning that Robert Scoble, world-famous among bloggers, is set to leave the software giant for a podcasting start-up.
June 12, 2006

Vloggercon: Where everyone's the media

Mothers, peace activists, filmmakers looking for distribution are all part of a DIY video-publishing movement.
June 11, 2006

Scoble leaves Microsoft for start-up

High-profile corporate blogger plans to move to a podcasting start-up in Silicon Valley.
June 11, 2002

Gathering highlights power of the blog

If any more proof were needed of bloggers' influence--at least for Democrats--it'd be found on the Las Vegas Strip.
The New York Times
June 10, 2006

Video bloggers ready to incite 'media revolution'

This weekend's Vloggercon will be a rallying point for enthusiasts to plot their ragtag online uprising against commercial TV.
June 9, 2006

video In anticipation of Vloggercon, a video-blogging conference in San Francisco, here are two clips from Geek Entertainment TV and Mom's Brag Vlog to give you a taste of what it's all about.
June 9, 2006

blogma Seth Godin has done something that would be unthinkable in much of the blogosphere: He does not allow comments on his blog.
June 8, 2006

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Newspapers woo bloggers with mixed results

Plenty of papers are blogging. But mixing old-time news gathering with new "citizen journalism" isn't always easy.
June 1, 2006 launches blog search

Search engine's blog search service is based on its Bloglines subscriber index.
Images: Searching blogs on
May 31, 2006