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Blogging the World Design Congress

We'll be blogging from the World Design Congress taking place in San Francisco this week.

We'll be blogging from the World Design Congress which is this week in San Francisco. It's bringing together a couple of hundred speakers from the world of design and culture, and should prove to be interesting and inspiring. The event is co-organized by the Industrial Designers Society of America (which collaborates with BusinessWeek on the annual design awards), and ICSID, which is the international body of national design organizations such as IDSA.

From the website:

Two years and twenty two years

Every two years, Icsid holds a Congress in collaboration with a member organization in a host country, for example South Korea in 2001, Germany in 2003 and Scandinavia in 2005. The last one in the US was in 1985 in Washington, DC. We are thrilled that San Francisco will be next, as during the intervening twenty two years the Bay Area has emerged as an international center for design with a thriving community of designers from all over the world.

Connecting People and Places, Connecting Virtual and Visceral, and Connecting Beauty and Bounty

We will explore the implications of an evermore connected world, devoting a day each to connecting physically, virtually and culturally. We will seek connections between design, business, brands, services, technology and society. We will offer the opportunity for you to connect with people from diverse design disciplines, backgrounds and nationalities.