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Blogging best practice council should have blogged their announcement

[Ironic announcement alert] Oh, hey, let's start a blog council but not have a blog!

In case you were under the impression that blogging hadn't already jumped-the-shark, today's announcement that a bunch of big companies are banding together to create "blogging best practices" proves that "the establishment" still doesn't quite get it. At a minimum if they were really serious the corporate blog would have some content prior to launch.

The council plans to discuss various issues, including: the role of the corporate blog in a media landscape increasingly geared toward consumer-generated content; the correct way to engage and respond to bloggers who write about a company; and how to manage blogs in more than one language.

I still can't believe these companies haven't just figured out that the blog universe is the same as the news cycle...just faster and with less editing. The fact that this topic needs this consortium as we head into 2008 is depressing.