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Bloggers ready for battle over Net control

Bloggers are keying up for a showdown over Internet control, which is expected to dominate the United Nations-sponsored World Summit on the Information Society in Tunis, Tunisia.


The three-day summit, beginning Wednesday, was initially organized to brainstorm ways to bridge the digital divide between developing countries. However, it's evolved this year into a debate about Net governance.

The United States has stated repeatedly that it does not want or plan to give up its unique influence over domain names. Large American technology companies, including Microsoft, Google, IBM and Cisco, have thrown support behind the government's position.

What better place to sample opinions on the matter than the Internet itself?

Blog community response:

"Without going into technical details, the problem is that everyone wants a slice of the pie. Not for money, but for control...There is certainly room for change; however, it is doubtful that any kind of agreement will be reached in Tunis at this time."
--Captain Marlow

"It is my opinion that attempting to control the Internet is a futile exercise in any case. Anyway, what would Europe do differently to the US? Not much, considering that the EU has said nothing of its intended policy shift should it gain control. So developed countries selfishly battle over a non-issue while poor people await the benefits of the technology revolution in vain. When will we learn?"
--Peripatetic Ullage

"An unforgivable crime would happen if any world power would come to control the Internet. This tool is already a world heritage. It does not have an owner...Digital analphabetism has to be fought in order to prevent the growth and consolidation of new social exclusions. Therefore, we should assure a wide participation in the use of this tool. The task is to democratize it!"