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Bloggers imagine life without BlackBerrys

All this talk of a possible BlackBerry shutoff has led to some creative blogging about life without the wireless e-mail device that is so addicting for some, it's dubbed the "CrackBerry."


Following the likes of a Capitol Hill official who wrote a tongue-in-cheek poem to express community angst over the idea of losing the mobile gadget, bloggers have also been venting through prose.

Some have taken a Letteman-esque Top 10 approach. Take, for example, Michael Eisenberg's "Top 10 Things I Will Miss About My Blackberry If They Shut It Down" and Rich Tehrani's "Top 8 Things to do if BlackBerry Gets Shut Down." Also worth noting, is The Onion's list of how users are likely to respond if the service goes down.

Others are doing some serious contemplation about what device would be the best replacement for the BlackBerry, and are bracing themselves for some hardcore sales efforts on the part of competitors.

Blog community response:

"Personally I am still skeptical that the Blackberry service will actually be shut down, but if it does, it will be interesting to watch RIM roll out their alternative plan and all of their competitors beat down the doors of IT departments trying to sell their wares."
--Pocket PC Thoughts

"From what I hear/read, folks who use the Treo after using a BlackBerry are converted pretty easily. And this isn't to say that another company won't come out with something better. Heck, imagine if Apple puts a phone in their iPods."
--The Learning Curve

"There is no other wireless email provider that can even come close to offering what Research in Motion offers with their BlackBerry platform. I am sure that Good will say that they could easily step in and take the place of RIM but let's be serious...It's a good thing that a BlackBerry shutdown will never happen. Corporate America would be in a world of hurt if it ever did."