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Blogger to marry commenter

Ann Althouse, a professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, is a blogger with a following. However, one of her commenters has begun to follow her quite closely. In fact, she has agreed to marry him.

Please just look at that headline.

It's a set of words that fills one with such joy, such magnanimous giggling that it makes one consider "Jennifer Aniston marries somebody" as society's next attainable hope.

Ann Althouse is a law professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She appears to have quite a following on her blog, romantically entitled Althouse.

She writes about politics and law and other things that caused society to have raw knees of late. However, what is important is that the New York Times persuaded her to reveal the delicious story of how she met and agreed to marry one of her own commenters.

His commenting moniker was Meade. In real life, he is Laurence Meade, a garden designer and caretaker for a Cincinnati estate.

It appears, though, that he is about to undergo a job change, because, as part of the nuptial plans, he is moving to Wisconsin to be the spouse of an Althouse.

As relayed by the Times, the romance seems to have simmered through the comments section and e-mails in a way that the author of "the Bridges of Madison County" might be proud.

Four years of chaste correspondence led to a meeting, then another and, within another couple of months, an engagement.

This is not Althouse. This is merely a T-shirt. CC Antigone78/Flickr

Of course, there have been those, including celebrated political blogger, Andrew Sullivan, who seem to have emitted a snigger or two the thought of Ms. Althouse's forthcoming union with a commoner. I mean, commenter.

Well, actually I said "commoner" because there is a video in which Ms. Althouse offers the charming admission that at one of Meade's comments, she replied: "Why do even read my blog? You don't seem to understand it."

Still, it is lovely to know that the path to true love can be circuitous and strange and I am sure that all Technically Incorrect commenters will wish the couple a long and happy argument.

Naturally, one wonders whether, post-marriage, their personal life will be laundered in the comments section.

Let's hope not. Who wants to read "Stuff Machiavelli. You left your knickers on the stairs last night"?