Blogger gets FeedBurner, Polls, custom Google search

I can has FeedBurner?

Blogger users have gotten a few new treats in the past day or so:

Feed integration Blogger users can now redirect their Blogger feeds through FeedBurner by simply copying and pasting it in the Settings menu. Once FeedBurner is activated, Blogger users will be able to track how their content is being consumed, using tracking and metrics services. It's the first implementation of FeedBurner's technology in a Google product since the company was acquired in early June.

Polls Polls were a feature made available first in Blogger in Draft, before "graduating" to the regular version of Blogger yesterday. Blog owners can design their polls with multiple votes per user and create as many possible answers as they'd like. The polls return results instantly, and can be set to end at a specific time.

Even cooler is a new feature aimed at Blogger in Draft guinea pigs testers that lets them add an AJAX-enabled blog search. This new search goes through the trouble of searching through your blog posts, the Web, pages you've linked, and those on your blog's sidebar. It will also return results without leaving the page. If you tend to link a lot, this could be very helpful for both you and your users. To give it a spin, the search is enabled at the Blogger in Draft blog.

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