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He played Pokemon Go in church. That got him convicted

The 22-year-old in Russia receives a suspended sentence of three and a half years.


Pokemon Go could be more trouble than you expect.

Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images

A 22-year-old blogger was convicted Thursday in Russia for inciting religious hatred. His crime? Playing Pokemon Go in church and posting a video of it online.

The blogger, Ruslan Sokolovsky, received a suspended sentence of three and a half years, according to The New York Times. He had been in detention since October. In 2012, the two women in the band Pussy Riot were convicted on similar charges and sent to prison.

The judge in the case said Sokolovsky's video included "denial of the existence of Jesus and the Prophet Muhammad" and gave "an offensive description of Patriarch Kirill" of the Russian Orthodox Church, the publication reported.