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Blog on the go with WpToGo for Android

Android users with WordPress blogs can update and edit posts directly from their phones.

The latest version of WpToGo supports basic comment moderation. Taylor Wimberly

WordPress is a free and open source content-managing system that powers many popular blogs. Though official mobile clients are available for iPhone and BlackBerry, Android has yet to receive its own version. Thankfully, Roundhill Labs has released an unofficial Android version called WpToGo.

WpToGo offers all the features needed to publish blog posts using only your Android phone. You can create and edit posts, upload photos, and publish instantly to multiple accounts. The software is available for free in the Android Market and works with official accounts and with self-hosted blogs.

Creating a new post is straightforward and works much like the full version does. WpToGo offers the capability to enter a post title and content, add pictures, select multiple categories, and add tags. It also allows you to save drafts for posting later on a computer.

There's been a steady stream of updates and improvements since WpToGo was released last year. My favorite new feature is the capability to moderate comments. This process is simplified in WpToGo and can be accomplished much faster and with fewer clicks than on a computer.

If you've ever considered running your own blog, but never had the time to update it, give WpToGo a look. Even if you don't want to compose entries from your phone, the comment moderation should appeal to anyone who runs a WordPress-powered site. We might see an official client one day, but in the meantime WpToGo is an excellent tool for WordPress fans.