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Blog, but carefully

Blog, but carefully

We've been debating ourselves (I'm not schizophrenic, and neither am I) about blogs, and today we see some good counsel from Business Week on starting a blog to help your business but doing it carefully so that it actually helps.

Yes, do a blog, the magazine says, but make sure you're not posting secrets or revealing damaging info--and make sure others' comments on the blog also aren't doing you harm.

"Set out guidelines to keep the blogs free of trade secrets, inside information, or libel," as well as spam and porn, the mag writes. It also cautions about liability: "Employees and executives who aren't attorneys just don't realize how they're putting themselves at risk," it quotes one consultant as observing. And it suggests getting an expert to lay out risks particular to your business, recommending the nonprofit group Pro-Bloggers as a place to start.