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Blizzard suing 'WoW' gold sellers

The World of Warcraft publisher is suing a gold-selling operation in federal court, demanding that the outfit stop in-world spamming efforts.

World of Warcraft publisher Blizzard Entertainment has filed suit in U.S. federal court against a popular gold-selling operation for spamming players with ads for virtual gold, according to the Warcry Network and other sources.

In its post, Warcry's Razorwire blog quoted a Blizzard employee as saying, "We felt that it was important to share with the community just how serious we are in our efforts to combat (in-game gold spamming). Blizzard has filed a federal lawsuit against the operators of Peons4hire, a popular gold-selling organization."

Blizzard spokesperson Shon Damron, in an e-mail, confirmed the lawsuit.

It's interesting that the company is going after a small outfit like Peons4hire. After all, huge outfits like IGE are making enormous profits buying and selling WoW gold, as well as virtual assets from other online games.

As Warcry put it, "Don't worry, Blizzard and the rest of the (online game) companies still don't have the (guts) to sue (outfits like IGE) for actually selling gold."