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Blizzard is working on a new first-person game

That's pretty much all we know so far, but... Overwatch 2 with campaign mode please.


The game developer behind World of Warcraft, Hearthstone and Overwatch has begun work on an as-yet unannounced first-person game, according to job postings made to Blizzard's US careers section.

The postings refer to an "unannounced project that utilizes a robust first-person engine," and call for two software engineers with experience working on first-person games.

Right now, the super-popular Overwatch is Blizzard's only first-person game. Given how notoriously cagey Blizzard is with new intellectual property (2016's Overwatch was the company's first new franchise since the 1990s), we could well expect a follow-up to one of Blizzard's long-running properties.

Blizzard have previously recruited for unannounced jobs, with key roles in the next Diablo project advertised earlier this year and the year before, reports Gamespot.