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Blizzard announces July 27 release for StarCraft II

Release date for StarCraft II announced by Blizzard Entertainment

Almost 12 years after the original StarCraft launched a global strategy game phenomenon, on Monday, Blizzard Entertainment announced the sequel's release date. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty comes out for the PC worldwide on July 27, first in retail, followed by availability direct from Blizzard "shortly after the retail launch," according to Blizzard's press release.

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard announced StarCraft II back in May 2007, and the beta testing process started this past February. The original StarCraft sold 11 million copies, and remains one of the most popular PC games, particularly in South Korea where the game has become akin to a professional sport. Analysts have predicted fast sales for the latest version as well, with Pacific Crest Securities' Evan Wilson suggesting in a February interview with GameSpot that Blizzard will sell 6 million copies of the game this year alone.