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Mobile adds iPhone support for mobile viewing

You can now watch videos on your iPhone. Over the weekend the service upgraded to include QuickTime streams that are playable on the portable device.

Video host has just launched support for iPhones letting mobile users view the entirety of its video collection on the go. Like visiting the site on your computer, you can both browse and search through Blip's videos and get them to play without having to download a special application.

As a result of the upgrade,'s embed code can now point iPhone users directly to the .m4v QuickTime stream while still delivering the Flash version to users with it installed. Unfortunately this does not carry over to previously embedded Flash-based videos. Visiting an earlier post where I embedded a video, it still shows up with the giant Flash-fail icon.'s CTO Justin Day tells me there's no way to add backward compatibility to these old embeds, but that video publishers can go back and manually update the video to support it.

Below is an example of the new content portal iPhone users are greeted with:

Watch shows right on your iPhone with a new content browser that streams QuickTime files. CNET Networks

Update: Here's a how-to video posted by Day. You should be able to view this if you're reading from your iPhone.