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Blinkx offers search short-cut for TV shows

Finds shows by season and episode

Video search site Blinkx is launching a new tool today called Blinkx Remote that will allow people to easily find full-length TV shows by season and episode. People can enter a search for a favorite TV show at, like Curb Your Enthusiasm or Lost, and the site will recognize the title and offer up links to sites where the show can be watched or downloaded. The system uses information from other online sources, like Wikipedia and, to provide the most accurate results and prioritizes the full-length versions over short clips.

"It's a short-cut system" says Suranga Chandratillake, founder and chief technology officer at blinkx. Many people tend to just search on the title of shows and with programs like Lost such a search normally brings up a lot of other random video, including things like a news clip about a lost cat. Blinkx Remote is designed to make it easier to find TV shows by offering links to the programs in a section above all the other links for video clips found.