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Blinged-out Bluetooth headsets

Blinged-out Bluetooth headsets

Despite their ubiquitous presence these days, Bluetooth headsets still have the unintended side effect of making one look just a little dorky when wearing them. Some manufacturers have gone the route of making them smaller, such as Motorola with the H5 Miniblue and Nokia with the BH-800, in order to make them less noticeable. Others, however, have gone the opposite route, making them more noticeable than ever, with color covers and jewel-encrusted models. The Jabra BT-160, as reported at CES, comes with 33 interchangeable patterns, which are pretty eye-catching. But the Bluetooth headset that outblings them all is this bejeweled Pama P7008 Bluetooth headset, which is covered in pink and clear diamante crystals. Clearly aimed toward women, the Pama P7008 is an over-the-ear style headset with 5 hours of talk time and 200 hours of standby time. It's available only in the United Kingdom now for £47.95. The rest of us fashion victims will have to resort to the Bling Ring kit for a similarly shiny Bluetooth headset. Or maybe just settle with our existing headsets and embrace our inner dorkdom.