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Bling TV

In celebration of its millionth Ambilight TV, Philips created a AU$250,000 diamond encrusted TV that it showed off at the Sydney Home Show.

Some years ago, owning a flatscreen TV endowed one with a certain status. It sent a message to anyone who might gaze upon it: "My owner is cashed up to the gills, and premium entertainment hardware is a lounge room priority".

Now that the price of plasmas and LCDs has plummeted, flat TVs no longer have that elusive cachet. How does one make a cash-splashing statement in such an easy-access world? Perhaps a diamond-encrusted television might fill the void?

In celebration of its millionth Ambilight TV, Philips has created such a beast. Unveiled by former Miss Universe Australia Erin McNaught at the Sydney Home Show yesterday, the 42-inch LCD model is worth around AU$250,000. Its white frame is decorated with 225 carats of diamonds, which are arranged in swirls and flower patterns across two corners.

We headed down to the Home Show to catch a glimpse of the bejeweled behemoth, which was protected by a security guard and some hefty velvet ropes. To cop a squiz at the TV, see our video, featuring the glamorous Ms McNaught doing her ceremonial duties.

For anyone enticed to purchase the one-of-a-kind television, sit tight until the end of 2007, when it will be sold at a charity auction.