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'Bling Player' tries to live up to name

Seems pretty tame, considering other products out there

Shiny Shiny

It seems strangely appropriate that an item named the "Bling Player" would be found on a site called Shiny Shiny. Or maybe it's just redundant. Either way, we're suckers for all that glitters so here it is.

The self-proclaimed "iced-out" player from MediaReady tries to live up to its moniker with a skull-and-crossbones design encrusted with crystals (how original). But like the Average Joe who tries to compensate for his shortcomings with expensive clothes, the $200 Bling is rather ordinary inside with 2GB of memory, an FM tuner and voice recorder to go along with its 1.8-inch screen. Even outside, we've seen plenty more stones on scads of other hardware.

The biggest surprise: No mention of Swarovski.