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Blind Justice

We're not exactly invested in "Luke Cage" yet, but we are already counting down to "Iron Fist." Plus, here's why you should watch "Westworld" if you aren't already.


I guess, at least in this trailer we got to hear and see more Diego Luna.


The new Star Wars trailer is here and it's, well, kind of a letdown. And spoiler-y.

In other news, last weekend at New York Comic-Con the next Netflix-Marvel show, "Iron Fist," got a trailer finally and it looks like it packs a punch. At the same panel, it was announced that the television half of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will get a stunning new villain: Sigourney Weaver. No word on what character she'll play, but I'm in regardless.

We're still talking about Dirk Gently (briefly) and not just because I still won't read it. This clip was released ahead of its October 22 premiere on BBC America.

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Blind Justice (s2 e3)