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Blender-powered plant saver scares kitty away

Awesome hack to keep pets in line when you're gone.

Sadly, the video won't embed. Click on the image above or the link in the story below to see the contraption in action. Screenshot by Matt Hickey

While some of you might think of the "Blender Defender" as mean, I don't. Animals kept as pets need to learn the rules. Cats and dogs, though, are notorious for deciding the rules don't apply when we, the owners, are away.

That is why one clever soul rigged up a blender filled with water to a motion-activated wireless Webcam aimed at the house plants his cat liked to nibble. When the cat would enter the frame, a networked upstairs computer would activate the water-filled blender--and a strobe light next to it--via an X10 wireless home automation module. The cat (not mine, let me stress!) would then scramble off the counter, terrified. Ta-da!

It's not just enough that the genius concocted the two-part scaredy-cat machine. No, this genius put a video on the Internet so we can all share his cat's terror and, in the future hopefully, the bitter revenge scheme that's sure to follow.