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Blender for a sunny day

The Hamilton Beach Aguas Fresca Blender features a built-in strainer for maximum ease of use.

No pulp and seeds in your drink. Hamilton Beach

As we turn the corner into spring, the dream of warm weather will start to become more than just a fantasy. Soon enough, the cold weather and rainy days will be behind us, and we will re-emerge from dark interiors back into an outdoor mindset. Which means, that not only will the chores of everyday life be less of a task, but also that outdoor activities will only be a weekend away. And all this outdoor living is sure to draw up a thirst.

The Hamilton Beach Aguas Fresca Blender is one way to combat the thirst that is sure to be worked up over the coming months. Facilitating the preparation for popular warm-weather drinks, the blender incorporates a strainer for maximum ease. And of course, maximum ease and comfort is the name of the game for fun in the sun.

The 10-speed 700-watt blender offers the versatility needed for blending a variety of beverages. A 56-ounce capacity blending jar is sizable enough to keep the good times rolling. The incorporated strainer keeps pulp and seeds out of fruit-based creations, but the appliance can also be used as a traditional blender--just in case the weather doesn't cooperate.

The Hamilton Beach 50162 Aguas Fresca Blender will be available May 2010.