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Blend with less mess

Pureeing soup into a smooth mixture can be a lot of work. But with an immersion blender like the Bosch MIXXO, the work just got a lot easier.

The MIXXO Hand Blender, with all its bells and whistles. Bosch

My family loves soup--as long as there aren't any chunks in their bowls that might be vegetables. Any time I make a pot, I get the fun of pouring hot soup into the blender, pureeing it and then pouring it out. Not only do I have a pot to clean up afterward, I have the blender and all its bits and pieces.

Immersion blenders make this whole process much simpler. All you have to do is stick the immersion blender in the pot and turn it on. Less mess, automatically. The Bosch MIXXO hand blender is an ideal immersion blender, with a few bells and whistles most others don't have. Beyond its soup-making capabilities, this hand mixer is able to crush ice without worries--the 10,500-rpm motor can handle just about any food you can throw at it.

One of the MIXXO's features is a chopper attachment, which is useful for making pestos and helping when you can't find a sous chef to prechop everything for you. It's also cordless and comes with a charger for the lithium ion battery, as well as a 24-ounce blender jug. And to continue with the elimination of extra mess, the MIXXO has an antisplash blender foot.