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Blend and go with this insulated blender

Hamilton Beach Thermal Cooler Blenders let you blend right in the cooler.

Chilled and ready to go. Hamilton Beach

Nothing beats a cool drink on a hot day. As summer heats up, we all consume a ton of drinks. As we spend more time outside enjoying the sun, it might be nice to mix it up once in a while with a nice blended drink. While most blenders aren't very portable, there is at least one that is designed to let you take the fun with you.

The Hamilton Beach Thermal Cooler Blender combines a blender and a thermos into one convenient unit. Featuring the capability to blend drinks right in the cooler, the appliance makes it easy to create your drinks and then head out the door. The cooler keeps drinks chilled for up to eight hours and is perfect for taking to summer hot spots like the beach or the park. Available in either red or blue, the unit also comes with a traditional blender jar.

Whether you're blending drinks for home or on the go, this combination appliance makes it easy to save time. With the summer season off and running, that means more time outside actually having fun. Having a cool blended drink anywhere you go certainly adds to the experience. Margaritas anyone?