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Blaupunkt's iPod boom box is also car subwoofer

Blaupunkt set to release Velocity-2-Go portable music system for MP3 players. It double as a subwoofer for your car.

photo of Blaupunkt Velocity-2-Go portable music system
Velocity-2-Go portable music system and car subwoofer all photos by Blaupunkt

Car audio veterans Blaupunkt have plans to release a new iPod-ready portable music system that can double as a subwoofer for your car. It's a decent bet that the sound quality will be quite good, but to be effective as a car subwoofer, it will likely weigh a ton. It uses a rechargeable battery with an optional in-car dock and is said to deliver 60 watts of maximum power (30 watts RMS). The MP3 player input is simply a stereo minijack input, so don't expect this thing to actually charge or integrate with your iPod.

Photo of top of Blaupunkt Velocity-2-Go
Requisite iPod shot.

Along with the minijack input, it also includes standard RCA inputs, high-level speaker inputs, an 18dB active crossover and silk dome neodymium tweeters. The Velocity-2-Go system is set to ship in a few weeks and will come in two flavors: one with 5.25-inch woofers and the other with 6.25-inch woofers, retailing at $399 and $449 respectively.

Photo of the back of the Blaupunkt Velocity-2-Go
I suspect the high-level speaker inputs are behind those two doors. The fact that there's a fuse built into this thing makes me nervous and excited.