<b>Large DIMMs cause problems on Power Mac 7300s

Large DIMMs cause problems on Power Mac 7300s


Bruce Yolton writes: "A client just installed 13 new Power Mac 7300/200 systems in their office. All of them had 128Mb of memory installed. All worked fine except three units. It turned out that the dealer installed pairs of 64Mb DIMMs in each of these systems (and transferred the factory installed DIMMs to some of the other units). All of the systems had the memory installed in an interlaced configuration."

Two units would not copy files without locking up. The third would not print except at "a snail's pace." Re-configuring the DIMMs to a non-interlaced configuration solved the printing problem.

Bruce queries whether this may all be related to more general problems with large DIMMs on this machine, including previously reported Ethernet problems. However, Bruce adds: "I've also seen this large DIMM/Ethernet problem occur with the 7600 and 8500."

Today's MacInTouch similarly reports networking problems related to DIMMs on Power Macs, especially 7300s.

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