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Blair ready for his Web close-up

Prime minister and his team at 10 Downing St. serve up a behind-the-scenes video clip on the official No. 10 site.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his team at 10 Downing St. are offering a behind-the-scenes look at Blair's day-to-day duties via a new video on the official Number 10 Web site.

Launched Monday, the "A Day in the Life" clip alternates between documentary-style footage of Blair on the job and an interview in which he discusses the ups and downs of the position. The clip comes at a time when Blair's popularity among voters is on the wane, despite his re-election last year to a third term.

Among other things, the video shows Blair participating in a Cabinet Committee meeting at No. 10--the first time, according to the site, that cameras have had access to such a meeting.

"There is never a typical day, all days are different," Blair says in the interview. "You can always have something completely unexpected that translates one type of day into a completely different one."

Blair, filmed over the course of several days, is shown speaking before Parliament, reacting to a protest, interacting with foreign dignitaries, kicking around a soccer ball with a group of children and performing other assorted duties.

"The thing about this job is that everything you say is on the record and is then subject to the most minute scrutiny," Blair said in the video. "So, if suddenly you end up getting a fact wrong, or even just get hold of the wrong end of the stick--and it's happened to me on several occasions--then you can end up in a lot of trouble...and eat humble pie."

Nonetheless, Blair says he considers his role as prime minister well worth it.

"What is worthwhile is getting things done. And when you get things done and you see the think, well, in part that happened as a result of something I did."