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BlackJack II for 'Black Friday' in US

Samsung launches the BlackJack II in the US to coincide with one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

Credit: Samsung

Most Australians would be aware of the Thanksgiving holiday celebrated in the US. Lesser known is the day that follows, a shopping frenzy known as Black Friday.

Not an official public holiday, Black Friday is a day off taken by American workers so that Thanksgiving becomes a long weekend. The other un-official tradition is that Black Friday is the day everyone starts their Christmas shopping. The result is often chaos.

To coincide with Black Friday this year Samsung is to release the BlackJack II, a follow up to its successful PDA-phone, the BlackJack, released in Australia earlier this year.

The BlackJack II to be released in the US features a larger screen and integrated GPS. The side-scroll wheel of the BlackJack will be replaced by a jog-wheel on the front. The handsets we've seen so far come in black and burgundy, though to continue the Black Friday theme only the black model will be release for the craziest of shopping days. There's no word yet on a local release date.