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Blackfire Research to launch Wi-Fi speakers for cell phones, computers

This summer, Blackfire Research's SmartSpeakers will allow Wi-Fi enabled cellphone and computers to wirelessly stream audio, including internet radio and movies.

Blackfire Research

Wi-Fi speakers have made some appearances over the last few years, in the form of prototypesand high-priced novelties. Finally, San Francisco-based Blackfire Research will release the Wi-Fi speakers we've been waiting for.

When the SmartSpeaker launches this summer, consumers will be able to stream audio, including Internet radio and movies, from Wi-Fi-enabled cellphone and computers.

Software for the speakers is still in development and will be available for the iPhone, Zune, Palm, Android, iPod Touch, and Blackberry by the time of launch.

Ravi Rajapakse, CEO of Blackfire Research, became interested in audio at the age of 12, when he built his first speaker. But despite extensive experience in speaker engineering, he faced difficulties streaming audio over a packet-based Wi-Fi protocol.

After years of research and the help of several Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, Ravi succeeded in building proprietary technology that he plans to apply to the greater speaker market.

He created the BearClaw Smart Amps, amplifiers that attach to regular speakers and enable them to operate over Wi-Fi. Blackfire is working with other companies to integrate this technology into their own products, so any speaker can be a "smart speaker."

Stay tuned for pricing and an exact launch date over the next few months.