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Blackbox M10 headphones offer noise cancellation at a reasonable price

The Blackbox M10 Noise Cancellation Headphones are a versatile set that offer solid sound quality and a reasonably portable design for travel hounds.

James Martin/CBS Interactive

CNET would need an army of headphone reviewers to be able to get to every set available on the market today, but despite this saturation, we never tire of newcomers trying their best to break into the public awareness. Phitek Systems isn't a newcomer in the strictest sense--the company is responsible for the technology behind other companies' designs (Audio-Technica's ATH-ANC7, for example)--but the OEM is now trying its hand at its own brand with the Blackbox line of noise cancellation headphones.

It's clear that Phitek knows what it's doing. The compact C18 earphones certainly don't fail to impress, and we're not disappointed with the company's full-size model, either. The M10 Noise Cancellation Headphones ($179) are a comfy set with solid audio quality and a fair smattering of extras. That said, they still come off as a slightly pared-down version of the ATH-ANC7 when it comes to looks and features, so pay attention to retail price when comparison shopping.

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