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Blackbox Case: Bamboo sleeves for sensitive Macs

The case brings pretty bamboo cases to the iPad 2 and a variety of MacBooks. They may not be slim, but they are tough, environmentally friendly, and made by hand.

Bamboo Blackbox cases
Hello, gorgeous. Blackbox Case

There's something about the Bamboo Blackbox case that makes you want to run your fingers across it and give it a name like Sebastian or Fabio. These cases are pretty, oh so pretty.

Makers of the Blackbox already topped their Kickstarter funding goal of $25,000 with about a week to go. Each case consists of a bamboo sleeve with a stylish strap to keep your Mac in place.

For $89, you get an iPad 2 case. A $99 pledge sets you up with a case for your 11-inch MacBook Air. Larger MacBooks are also accommodated, topping out at $129 for the 17-inch MacBook Pro.

If you really want to get crazy with this, $1,999 will get you two personalized cases and a wacky weekend adventure in Colorado with a Blackbox Case representative as your sidekick. Keep in mind that Blackbox is located in Golden, which is also home to Coors beer.

For your Apple device to survive that weekend of beer drinking, snowmobiling, fishing, or skiing, you're going to need a tough case. The makers tested the Blackbox by dropping an iPad 2 from 25 feet up. It survived, but you still shouldn't try it at home.

A Blackbox case will add some bulk to your sleek machine, but it can also double as a little lap desk. It's not the kind of case you would want to tuck away. It's more of a carry it around and show it off sort of creature. "Have I introduced you to my MacBook case yet? Its name is Fabio."

Bamboo Blackbox cases
A lineup of Bamboo Blackbox cases for your enjoyment. Blackbox Case