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BlackBerry's unannounced DTEK60 shows up on FCC's website

Filings appear to confirm information about the new Android handset that the company briefly published last week.

The DTEK60, as detailed in exhibits for the FCC.


BlackBerry's next Android phone might be just around the corner.

Details of the unannounced handset, which the company briefly revealed by accident last week, have shown up in a filing with the Federal Communications Commission. The agency is responsible for ensuring that devices sold in the US that use radio frequencies -- like phones -- operate without causing harmful interference.

The DTEK 60, the followup to the DTEK50, would be the struggling company's third phone powered by Google's Android mobile software. The company's first Android phone, the Priv, and its embrace of Android were seen as potential catalysts for turning around BlackBerry's phone business, but sales have been disappointing.

The filings, which depict the mind-numbing results of a series of tests conducted on the device, include its specific exterior dimensions but don't appear to offer much of interest that wasn't already published and visible on BlackBerry's website on September 20. It also appears to confirm that the DTEK60 will have a larger screen, faster processor, and gain a fingerprint sensor -- a first for any of BlackBerry's Android-powered smartphones, including the more expensive Priv.