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BlackBerry Z30 hits Verizon on Thursday, but online only

Customers can browse in stores, but they'll have to buy online.

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The jumbo BlackBerry Z30 hits Verizon Wireless on Thursday, but customers will have to go online to buy one.

Verizon on Tuesday said that BlackBerry's jumbo Z30 will be available online in two days.

It's a muted release for Verizon, which is the "exclusive launch partner" for the Z30. It's likely Verizon is the exclusive partner because it is the only carrier to express interest in the product.

The Z30, which comes with a 5-inch display, could very well be the last BlackBerry to be marketed toward consumers -- or be the last BlackBerry at all. The company is pulling back from the consumer market, focusing instead on big businesses and power users.

The phone will sell for $200 with a two-year contract. It will cost $22.91 a month for 24 months under the Verizon Edge monthly installment plan.