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BlackBerry Z10 in white at Phones 4U, comes with free tablet

The white version of the BlackBerry Z10 with BlackBerry 10 is only available at Phones 4U, with a free tablet if you're quick.

What goes black white black white? No, not a penguin on a zebra crossing: it's the BlackBerry Z10 and its white version, only on sale at Phones 4U -- with a free tablet if you're quick.

The Z10 is available in black across the board, but Phones 4U is the only place you can get it in opalescent white at the time of writing. (Update: You can also buy it in white at Carphone Warehouse.) It launches today, and the first 300 people to buy will get a free BlackBerry PlayBook to boot! I shouldn't laugh.

The first 250 people to buy a Z10 online and the first 50 folks in the queue for a Z10 at Phones 4U on Oxford Street get a free 64GB PlayBook. Both phone and tablet are free as long as you commit to a monthly tariff of more than £36.

The PlayBook was a bit of a flop when it launched in 2011, mainly because it was missing crucial features like email and needed to connect to a BlackBerry phone to do anything. But perhaps the arrival of the new generation of BlackBerry will give the PlayBook a new lease of life -- and hey, you can't get cheaper than free.

The 4.2-inch dual-core Z10 is also available in black from Phones 4U, as well as from O2, EE, Vodafone, Three and Carphone Warehouse. On EE, the phone boasts super-fast Internet speeds thanks to the network's 4G technology.

Our colleagues at have reviewed both the Z10 and BB10, and liked them, although the software does take some getting used to.

Is BlackBerry onto a winner with the Z10? Will you be picking it up in white, or sticking with Android or the iPhone? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.