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BlackBerry watch in the works?

Rumors start to emerge that a BlackBerry watch is in the works after posts some pictures of the Bluetooth accessory.

As if checking e-mail on your BlackBerry wasn't addicting enough, there may be an accessory in the works that may just fuel your habit. has posted images of what it's claiming to be actual renderings of a BlackBerry watch.

The site claims that the Bluetooth accessory is being developed by a new, dedicated BlackBerry accessory company and will be branded as the inPulse Smartwatch. It's not meant to be a replacement for your BlackBerry but rather shows your notifications and previews of incoming messages for those times when you can't pull out your BlackBerry; for example, during meetings, while driving, and so forth.

CrackBerry says the InPulse will have an OLED screen that's optimized for displaying text clearly and will have solid battery life.

"Connected watches" haven't had the most successful run in the past (read: Microsoft Spot watches), though the LG Watch Phone certainly has piqued some people's interest. While the InPulse is just a rumor right now, what do you think? Useful or a waste of time?