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BlackBerry video teases apparent Key2 LE days ahead of expected reveal

The low-end successor to the Key2 is likely to launch at IFA 2018.


The back of a phone showcased BlackBerry's teaser video. We think it's the new Key2 LE.

Screenshot by CNET

At least now we know what the back of a new BlackBerry TCL phone is expected to look like.

The mobile giant on Friday tweeted a video that hints at the official release of the rumored BlackBerry Key2 LE at IFA Berlin. "Almost time for a new introduction," the company wrote.

This would be the first official teaser for the phone, a low-end successor to the Key2. Only the back of the phone is briefly shown in the video -- it has a gray-black, polka-dot-ish surface.

But we may already know what the whole phone looks like. Android Police released a purported image of the phone earlier this month along with supposed specs.

BlackBerry's licensing partner TCL is handling the development and launch of the new phone.

IFA, Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin, is a massive annual trade show for consumer electronics and appliances. This year's event will take place from Aug. 31 to Sept. 5 in Berlin, Germany.