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BlackBerry Torch 2 and BlackBerry Orlando captured in new spy shots

Leaks are springing aplenty ahead of the BlackBerry World conference, with new photos of the BlackBerry Torch 2 and the mysterious BlackBerry Orlando.

Another day, another unannounced BlackBerry smart phone emerging blinking into the spotlight. This time it's the BlackBerry Torch 2, which is due to be unveiled at RIM's BlackBerry World conference early next month. There's also a first shot of the enigmatic BlackBerry Orlando, which isn't expected to go public until later in the year.

Boy Genius Report has the scoop on the Torch 2, with a series of hands-on photos, following its recent pieces on the BlackBerry Touch and BlackBerry Bold Touch. We're wondering if RIM has a stealth marketing department deliberately leaking these devices, so regular has been the flow of stories.

Anyway, BGR reports that the Torch 2 is "identical to the original Torch with the same physical dimensions", but says internally, it's a whole different kettle of, er, silicon.

The phone will pack a 640x480-pixel display, and have a 1.2GHz processor inside, while running BlackBerry OS 6.1. Its release date is pegged as July in the US, but if the original Torch is any guide, that means the new handset will be in the UK soon afterwards.

We're also intrigued by a separate leak, with N4BB publishing a shot of what it says is a device codenamed BlackBerry Orlando. "Think of it as a mini-Bold Touch," advises the site, while pointing out that Orlando has not been featured on previous leaked roadmaps of RIM's upcoming smart phones.

It doesn't expect Orlando to be one of the phones shown off at BlackBerry World, however. It looks to be rocking a touchscreen and physical keyboard -- something that looks set to become the rule rather than the exception for RIM in the months ahead.

So, to summarise, beyond the Torch 2 and Orlando, we've heard about the BlackBerry Touch and the BlackBerry Bold Touch, and also raised our eyebrows at suggestions that RIM's BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) app will be coming out for Android and iPhone in the months ahead. BlackBerry World should give firm details on all of the above.