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BlackBerry Q5 with Qwerty keys heads for developing world

The BlackBerry Q5 is a colourful new smart phone with a Qwerty keyboard that's aimed at developing markets.

There's a new BlackBerry 10 phone in town: the BlackBerry Q5 is a colourful and affordable new smart phone with a Qwerty keyboard that's aimed at developing countries.

The Q5 comes in red, black, white and pink. BlackBerry reckons it's perfect for people in emerging markets who have never owned laptops or computers, but are now ready to buy smart phones and do their browsing, app-ing and computing on a mobile device instead.

Above the Qwerty keyboard is a 3.1-inch touchscreen. Full specs haven't been confirmed yet, but BlackBerry says the Q5 will arrive in July. 

Following up from the Qwerty-packing Q10 and touchscreen Z10, the new phone packs BlackBerry 10 software. BB10 software includes features like checking your messages with one swipe from any app; a hub for events collecting together related photos and messages; and a new time-shift camera mode.

The Q5 was very briefly unveiled today at BlackBerry Live, the annual event where BlackBerry shows off its wares, with more details and press pics still to come.

BlackBerry boss Thorsten Heins also announced BlackBerry 10.1, an update to BB software that starts arriving on Z10 phones today.  

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