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BlackBerry Q10 delivered on 26 April, says Vodafone

The BlackBerry Q10 phone is arriving in the UK with its Qwerty keyboard on 26 April, if your order now from Vodafone.

Are you all keyed up for the BlackBerry Q10? The forthcoming BlackBerry 10 phone with the Qwerty keyboard is now available to order from Vodafone, and will start arriving on 26 April -- the same day as the Samsung Galaxy S4, in fact.

You can pre-order the Q10 from today on Vodafone, starting at £37 per month for a free phone with two years of unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 1GB of data.

The cheapest deal is a 24-month contract at £33 per month, but that requires shelling out £130 for the phone up-front and only gets you 500MB of data.

Vodafone will start sending out Q10s on 26 April, on a first-come-first-served basis. It's not yet confirmed when it'll actually go on general sale in shops. And the Vodafone customer service representative I chatted with told me it would be "some time" before a SIM-free Q10 goes on sale. But early indication is that the phone on on its own will cost around £550, according to Phones 4U anyway.

The Q10 comes in black or white and is the first BlackBerry 10 phone to sport the traditional physical keyboard, following the touchscreen-packing BlackBerry Z10. Above the Q10's clicky keys is a 3.1-inch, 330ppi Super AMOLED screen.

It's also one of the first 4G future-proofed phones to go on sale. Vodafone promises that this 4G-ready phone, which has extra-fast LTE Internet connection built-in, will work on Voda's 4G network when it launches very soon. How soon depends on where you live: for example, Britain's first 4G network EE covers 50 cities so far.

Are you joining the queue for the Q10? How much should it cost? And is BlackBerry 10 a hit? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.