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BlackBerry pulls updated Twitter app for BlackBerry 10

The struggling smartphone maker pulls the latest update to the Twitter app and urges BB10 users to roll back to the previous version of the app.


As BlackBerry attempts to remake itself to stay alive, there continues to be a steady trickle of bad news for the struggling handset maker. The latest problem will be noticed by those looking to get their 140-character fix: BlackBerry has pulled the latest update to the Twitter app for BlackBerry 10.

"Twitter version 10.2.2 has been removed from BlackBerry World due to user reported issues," the company said in a blog post. "We are actively investigating and will provide an update here when Twitter 10.2.2 has been reposted."

Version 10.2.2 of the app, which was just released on December 17, brought several enhancements, including BBM connectivity, timeline photo previews, and improved search and reply functions. BlackBerry decided to pull the update after users reported loading issues and crashes, according to blog site Mobile Syrup.

It is unclear when the updated Twitter app will return to BlackBerry's app marketplace, but in the meantime, the company is urging users to roll back to Twitter version 10.2.1. BlackBerry posted step-by-step instructions for users to follow to reinstall the older version of the app.