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BlackBerry Protect released for ANZ

RIM has released its BlackBerry Protect app to customers in Australia and New Zealand, letting them back-up or remotely wipe data in the event of them losing their handsets.

(Credit: RIM/CBSi)

Research in Motion (RIM) today gave Australian and New Zealand users access to the new BlackBerry Protect software, which will protect phones in the event of loss or theft.

"Protect" is an app installed on BlackBerry devices that gives customers who do not activate their handsets through an Enterprise Server similar security and peace of mind. Using BlackBerry Protect, users can remotely lock and wipe their handsets, including data on the SD card, and can track the location of a lost phone on a PC web browser via the BlackBerry website.

The new app also lets users back-up data to BlackBerry's servers. Users can choose to sync contacts, text messages, calendar and bookmarks, and set an automatic sync schedule to back-up wirelessly as often as is necessary. Data can then be restored to a new device in the event that the original handset is misplaced.

BlackBerry handset owners can download the Protect app now by following this link on the BlackBerry browser, or by locating the app in the Test Centre category on BlackBerry App World. The app is compatible with most phones running BlackBerry OS 4.3 and higher.