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BlackBerry PlayBook review: A great surprise

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet by RIM gets a full, rated review by CNET, including a browser speed test.

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The official CNET review of RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook is now available for your tablet-evaluating pleasure. If you haven't already been swayed by Apple or Google's tablet offerings, this device is definitely worth a look.

To be completely candid, we were a little surprised at how great the PlayBook is. No slight on RIM, but the 7-inch tablet space has never really bowled us over. The PlayBook is a delightful exception. It actually inspired us to go back and knock the Galaxy Tab's score down a few pegs.

Why's the PlayBook so hot? What surprised us most? As the video above points out, the PlayBook's browser finally makes good on the iPad's promise to put the whole Web in your hands. It loads sites in their full glory and bolsters the experience with Adobe Flash 10.2 support that is nearly indistinguishable from a desktop experience (if you squint really hard).

To learn about all the other highs and lows of life with a PlayBook (including a browser speed battle), stretch your BlackBerry thumb, and head over to our full review.