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BlackBerry PlayBook price cut to £250

Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy have drastically slashed the price of the BlackBerry PlayBook to £250.

Fancy making a play for the BlackBerry PlayBook? Now's the time: Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy have drastically slashed the price to £250.

BlackBerry's tablet previously started at £400, but you can now save yourself £150 on the various versions.

The PlayBook comes in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB flavours. They now cost £250, £330 and £410 respectively, a saving of £150 across the board.

If £250 is still too steep, you can get yourself a PlayBook for the princely sum of zero pounds. All you have to do is buy a BlackBerry Curve on a £31 contract.

Research in Motion, the company behind BlackBerry, could be taking a leaf out of HP's book. Faced with disappointing sales, HP wasted no time killing off the HP TouchPad tablet, drastically slashing the price -- and subsequently selling out. RIM has perhaps realised that customers are only willing to pay for either an iPad or a bargain, and as the Playbook was neither, the price had to come down.

Despite the price drop, RIM insists it isn't killing off the PlayBook. The tablet is expected to get access to Android apps soon -- it's based on the same technology -- which could make this even more of a bargain.

Android apps would make a massive difference to the PlayBook, which suffers from a lack of apps and many features only communicate with other BlackBerrys. When it was launched this summer, the PlayBook drew criticism for requiring that you connect your BlackBerry phone to the tablet to use even basic features like the calendar.

Does the PlayBook price drop entice you to bag one? Or is there no amount of savings that would convince you to get a BlackBerry tablet? Tell us your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.